Software Design and Development

We can produce a variety of software applications with the use of programming languages such as VB.Net (Visual Basic), C++ and C#.

Sounds impressive doesn't it! What this simply means is that by following a strict process of development planning we can develop the software programs to do the jobs you want them to do. Ranging from a simple customer name and address database to a fully developed graphical system used by many people.

Vision Systems
"We needed a fleet management system to enable our customers to view and retrieve CCTV footage from their fleet of buses, trains, trams and dustbin wagons remotely in real time, whilst also adhering to the legal requirements of CCTV footage storage".

Crystal Clear
"We had a mobile quotation form system designed, which enables our salesmen to take down customer details onsite via their personal data assistant (Blackberry). This information is sent directly to the office so that orders can be turned around very quickly".